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Mythology and Mythic Art Resources

The following is my own personal collection of links relating to mythology, legend, folklore, fairy tales, etc. as well as to artists whom I feel draw upon such material in their work. I offer them as academic resources and sources of inspiration to everyone in this community (and hopefully to our future members as well!). Since the number of links a free LJ account allows is rather limited, I thought this might be beneficial.

If you have any additional websites to recommend, please let me know so that I can add them to the list! (This list will be continually updated., and I will delete most comments after suggested links have been added)

Mythology & Folklore

Ancient Egypt: the Mythology
Ancient Latvian Paganism and Mythology
Animals in Mythology
Animals of Hindu Mythology
Animal Symbolism in Celtic Mythology
The Anthropology of Mythology
Aset:The Egyptian Isis
The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes, and Other Characters of Mythology
Bulfinch's Mythology
Classics Course - Mythology
Dark Goddesses
The Encyclopedia Mythica
The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts
The Endicott Studio Blog
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Germanic Goddesses
Glossary of Netjer
Greek Mythology Link
Hindu Mythology
Holda and the Cult of Witches
Internet Sacred Texts Archives
The Kami of Shinto
The Kitsune Page
Loki: A Paean in Progress
Mythic Imagination Institute
Myths and Legends
Myth*ing Links' Home Page
Mythology of the Constellations
Mythology Web
Norse Mythology
The Obscure Goddess Online Directory
Of Gods and Men
Okana's Web - Polish and Slavic Paganism
Owls in Mythology, Culture, and Legends
Per Bast
Per Set
Regional Folklore and Mythology
Roman Mythology
The SurLaLune Fairytale Pages
Terra Mythogene
Theoi Project: A Guide to Greek Gods, Spirits, and Monsters
Winter Goddess

Faery/Faerie/Fairy Resources

At the Edge: Lost in Faery
The Bibliography of Faerie
Cave of the Nympholept
The Dark Muse - Leanan Sidhe
Faerie Culture/Subculture Online
Faerie Lands Forlorn
The Faery Notebook
The Faery Realm by R.J. Stewart
Fairies and their Kin
Glamour Bombing
Hybrid Enigmas: An Exploration Into Faerie
Nature Spirits
The Strangers
"The World of Froud" by Terri Windling

Mythic, Spiritual, and Visionary Art

    2D Art: Paintings, Drawings, Collages, Comics, etc.
A-Muse-ing Grace Gallery(formerly Ariadne's Page)
Benjamin Vierling
The Art of Dave McKean
Charles Vess & GreenMan Press
Denise Garner
Desirée Isphording: Mythic Art & Illustration
Dryad Design
Duach Mythic Art
The Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts
Galerie Sublimatio
Goblin Design
The Goddess - Work by Susan Seddon Boulet
The Golden Tarot
HedgeWitch Art
Ian Daniels
Joanna Barnum Illustration
Joel Nakamura
The Art of Kinuko Y. Craft
Lapizmoon Studios - Helena Nelson Reed
Lisa Albinger
Madeline von Foerster Artworks
Mark Wagner Illustration
Mary-el Tarot
Med'Devi Ink
Muse Hill
Neomeno Art
New Moon Visions: Artist Mara Berendt Friedman
Rainewalker Studio
Rebecca Guay
Sam Weber Illustration
Steven Kenny
Tempest Studios - the Art of Erika Schulz
Virginia Lee - mythic art, illustration, sculpture
Visionary Art of Marcia Snedecor
Wild Muse
The Work of Susan Seddon Boulet
World of Froud
The World of Michael Parkes
Zeljko Djurovic
Zendinou (currently in hibernation)

    3D Art: Sculpture, Art Dolls, Jewelry, Crafts, etc.
Art Propensity
Carolyn Morris Bach
DW Studio - Denise and Samuel Wallace Jewelry
Earth Spirits Masks
Enameled Jewelry by Mona and Alex Szabados
Forest Rogers
Herr Sculptures Garden Home Statuary
Tobey Studios

    Literature, Poetry, and Prose
Cabinet des Fées
Dreams of a Mythogenetic Tree
Goblin Fruit
Robin McKinley: Sunshine
Neil Gaiman
Mythopoeic Society
Mythic Arts

Other Places to Discuss Myth and Mythic Art

The Endicott Studio Bulletin Board
Surlalune Discussion Board
Mythic Folk TreeBoards
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