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ikilldeadthings [userpic]
In progress
by ikilldeadthings (ikilldeadthings)
at July 24th, 2006 (12:11 am)

So I live in the countryish area where I'm surrounded by trees and streams and all pretty things like that and I sort of had this weird vision of when I saw the leaves move and I looked up in the canopy I imagined that all the leaves moving in the sunlight were actually little creatures holding on for dear life haha. I also tried to make in like how each flower has a fairy, I wanted to do a tree one like that (I'm not sure if each tree Could have a fairy or if that's what those tree protectors are for)...annnnyyyyway....

Thats what inspired this sort of fairy thing.

That and those bugs that look like leaves and sticks!

It's watercolor and probably about half done I'd say, but I"m liking how the leaves are turning out so far.


That's the link to the picture.